“The Secret to your Success is constancy to Purpose”. Benjamin Disraeli

To be in your Purpose will give you such a deep understanding of Who You Are and what value you will add to others as a service, while being naturally motivated and inspired to be YOU.

We are conditioned to measure ourselves through our Career success and worldly belongings that we neglect and starve ourselves from our own Deep Truth. Only when we are pushed by pain and doors close on us, do we ask questions and start to seek the truth.

Through the ashes of emotional pain, we rise into our Deep Truth, so that we can emerge fully into our Purpose, looking at life through a different lens than ever before.

What I find mostly, through my Coaching practice, is that at this time when we start to realise that our life long dream to become… but we did not… is still lurking and edging us on… opening doors for us in the past, without us knowing, desperate to keep us as close as possible to our Purpose in Life.

Looking back into the past, the signs were there to guide us onto the Purpose path, but we were influenced by fear, doubt, others opinions and a perceived lack of resources to become who we should BE!

I have designed a Workshop on “Finding Your Purpose” that assist my Clients to identify their Purpose and design a life in honor of their Purpose!

My reward every time is “the light that goes on in their eyes” when they find their Purpose and start to align their Mindset, Habits, and Goals with their Purpose.

That is when life truly start to FLOW!

Connect with me for a discovery call on “Finding YOUR Purpose”


Madelaine Gomes

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