Your Beliefs that you use to fill the gap in-between, result in you moving forward or back.


I am Madelaine Gomes MsC.D, a Doctor in Metaphysical Science, Pranic Healer, Mindset and Business Coach and Mentor. I am an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and also being chosen as a Top 500 Influencer for Brainz Magazine. I have been contributing an article to The Odyssey Magazine for October 2020 and have been nominated for the “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN OF COURAGE AWARD ‘2020” (IHRAC) in December 2020.

Most importantly, I am passionate about my work, helping Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Coaches to adopt the correct Beliefs and Behaviour that will allow them to manifest the success they would like to achieve. I have been developing workforces since 1994 for Major Companies and have worked with International Clients, helping them to step into their “I AM” POSSIBLE and achieve the success they are looking for.

Apart from looking after the Inner Architecture of my Clients, I am an animal lover, nature lover and am busy writing two books at the moment, “The Spiritual Anatomy of a Leader” and ” Activating your “I AM” POSSIBLE.


I am a Visionary, Alchemist and Scientist and have always been different from the rest!

I merge Science with Emotional Healing, Self Actualization, Behaviour alignment, Mindset and Business to create shifts that are igniting INNER inspiration and action.

These shifts are deeply transformational and help my Clients to understand the root of their behaviour that does not serve their Relationships, Career, Money flow and Health in the outcomes they actually want to achieve.

Our Beliefs are Conditional since childhood and will only transform when we are ready to do so. The path to deep transformation and utter success is through Activating your “I AM” POSSIBLE, as this is the Key to our outer success!

My History

I had an amazing successful career in the Corporate Field as well as an Entrepreneur, developing a startup into a Top 10 Company. I had it all but my personal Life was falling apart, slowly but surely.

After losing my brother, husband and father my Business grew into an amazing success until an one too many traumatic incident took place, when I became the target of an organised crime syndicate which led to me having to leave my home as it is and close my Business to move far away for the safety of my Son and Myself.

This finally broke my Soul and send my into the Dark Night of my Soul for 6 years with a very slow recovery.

During this time I went into isolation, feeling ashamed of what took place, lost my Identity and was not sure what any future might look like.

Slowly and with many Mystical incidents, Earth Angels that crossed my path helping me at that moment in my life, and all my studies, I started to emerge from this dark pit, putting the bit that I had left together and start my life again.

Armed with amazing wisdom, inside Healing strategies and modalities, understanding the mind and its affect on our outcomes, I became ready to face the world again.

I have committed my Life to assist others to identify their Brilliance through changing their beliefs about themselves, and realign their beliefs and actions with their outcomes.

Activating your “I AM” POSSIBLE was born through my Dark Night of My Soul experience, which is one of the most deeply Transformational Programs that I present and Teach.

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Cape Town, SA
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